Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Few Finished Projects

Our county fair week has come to a close, 
and I've finally had a chance to catch up 
on a few projects of my own!

I washed, sealed, and prettied up the sweet little aqua door 
mom sent home with me a few weeks ago. 
It has found a home in my scrap/craft/guest room upstairs.

 I've also attacked this pile of Goodwill goodies. 

 The Atlas jar has been hard at work as a vase on my kitchen counter. 
Because my kitchen is never clean enough to photograph, 
please just visualize it full of purple cone flowers. 

Did you notice the little wire basket on the door?

A little "Goo Gone" is all it took to remove the label from the "Poppy Pitcher." There's just something about yellow and red that screams Ronald McDonald at me, so out came the spray paint. 

Oops! Should have moved that jar of buttons out of the way,
but that's as good as it's going to get today! 
The silk flowers were a dime a stem from a local craft shop. 
Meet my great-grandparents 
(in a frame I'd love to change, but the photo is stuck to the glass). 
Think I could paint that gold part a different color?
Anyway, this little arrangement sits on the nightstand 
next to the bed in my scrap/craft/guest room.
This room is taking on a completely new look, 
and I promise to feature it in a future post!

The toolbox has been stained and stenciled
and is now this planter on our back porch.

It belongs to "Cabin #4."
(Remember that "campy" theme
I decided to go with on the back porch? 
I wish we had a "Cabin #4,"
but it's completely fictitious. . .
for now!)

And finally, I dug this old calendar frame out of the basement. 
I always thought it was so cute,
but I could never find a calendar to fit in it!

Why did it take so many years for this to dawn on me?
A chalkboard! Perfect! 
Here it is on a shelf in my scrap/craft/guest room . . .

Ugh . . . so much to blog, so little time. 
Still to come . . . 
my first shot at bread and butter pickles, 
and 4-H.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Washtub Fun

Remember the old washtub I drug home from Mom and Dad's?

It's finally found a home by our back patio.

A few rocks, a copper pot of plants, 
and my trusty solar fountain was all she needed!

I swapped the Off! lantern that used to hang from the hook 
with yet another "rock jar candle." 
All outdoor decorations at this prairie house 
must be weighted down 
face the wrath of the relentless wind!

Piece of cake. 
And so relaxing to sit out back and listen to the water
trickle through the rocks.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Garage Sale Finds

In between swimming lessons, 4-H projects, 
and the continuing "yard beautification" project, 
I managed to sneak away last week
to hunt for treasures. 
Here are a few of my most recent finds. . .
Good grief -- now I've started a yard stick collection.

 This sweet little enamel teapot will look great 
with my collection of enamelware.

 These paintings and the silk flowers 
were actually a sidewalk sale finds
from a couple local stores. 
I scored big on the flowers -- 10 cents a stem! 
And $7 got me those larger paintings 
($4 for the small ones). 

Goodwill goodies. Get out the spray paint and stain!
 This dreamy birdhouse and berry branch 
will find their way to my classroom, 
which sports a Patriotic theme. 
After all, we are the Patriots!

Our master bath has SO needed some extra storage.
For 5 bucks, I couldn't pass this up.
I'm thinking"Espresso Brown." 
Silver knobs.
Do I ditch that dowely railing at the top?
Hmmm . . .

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Brown Chair Project

She's finished!

Remember that brown chair 
that was in the rafters of our garage?

Last week, I got to work sanding her down
and painting her an "Heirloom White." 
A few days later, I added some finishing touches.

Here's the finished project . . . 
I tried a variety of pillows and cushions on her, 
but covering up the pretty lines of this chair 
just didn't seem right. 
I added a bit of fabric
and a "chair belt" to finish her off. 
The buckle is 
from my collection of old buckles.

I couldn't resist adding this fun detail to the seat.
She'll look beautiful in our master bedroom, 
which is in need of a full overhaul.
Hmmm . . . 
I'm adding a "before" photo shoot of that room
to my "to do" list tomorrow.
And an "after" photo shoot by the end of the month. 
Stay tuned . . .

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Pinterest = love.

Obsessive, addictive love. 
Follow me by clicking 
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And beware, there are a zillion fun "pinners" out there to follow!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Piles of Projects

Time to get back to work! 
Check out the piles of projects I've started . . .

The white shelf with the scalloped edge 
and the chalkboard 
are headed for my scrapbook/guest room. 
They already have a new coat of paint 
but are waiting for a few finishing touches. 
And I am in love with the aqua frame! 
A coat of glossy white paint 
was hiding this beautiful color, 
so after sanding it down 
I decided to keep it "as is." 
The bench peeking over the watering can of flowers 
has a new stained top, 
but I can't decide on a color for the bottom. 
Green? White? A chalky blue?  
The gate, bench, and watering can 
will stay on the front porch. 
More on all of these projects later!

After a short stop at my mom's house yesterday, 
I came home with these beauties!

ANOTHER metal chair!
And this one rocks,
I'm still waiting for it to tell me
what color it would like to be.
The wash tub
is destined for the back porch.
A few rocks and my new solar fountain pump
is all it will need.
And the door leaning so effortlessly on that chair?
Check out the other side:

This picture does not do the color justice,
but it's a beautiful aqua!
And look at this hardware:

My mom has some fabulous treasures on her farm!
She's promised me a knob
from her "box of doorknobs."
Do I need to explain where my love for junk comes from? :)

And finally, this chair 
has been hiding in the rafters 
of the garage. 
Here's a before shot, dust and all.

So many fabulous bloggers have inspired me 
to tackle these projects. 
Stay tuned for the "after" shots.
Can't wait to share!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Collections: Part 1

(Sandi, this one's for you!)

(part 1)

I have a collection of old potholders. 
Here are a few just hangin' around the kitchen. 

The rest? Well, this is ONE of the piles. 
Now I'm dying to display them. 
As I was flipping through the pages 
of one of my old Mary Engelbreit magazines 
at the water park today, 
a framed set of potholders leapt off the page at me. 
Now I'm on a mission for a long, skinny frame.

The skirts of these lovely ladies unsnap to become potholders. 

I also collect old buttons. Here are a few jars . . .

. . . and suitcases. Hooray for suitcases!
The bottom two traveled around the world with my grandparents. 
Alas, my stack would be higher 
if I hadn't stolen the little ones to use in other displays! 
Look out, garage sales, here I come.
(Let's just save the watering can collection for a later post!)

And I guess I can add these darling metal chairs to the list. 
Here are two more old ones I painted 
a robin's egg blue with white arms. 

I added them to the yellow and green chairs 
I redid a few weeks ago 
to finish off this pretty little table. 
And the tablecloth? 
More on that later!


The famous reclining blue chair has been retired 
to a corner 
on the front porch.
 Its mate is still a 
rusty red rocker 
hiding in the phlox patch! 
It will have to wait until I'm over the fumes 
of spray painting those first five!

 Sandi, it's true -- you can never have too many collections.
As for me, I'll be gathering up more of my collections 
for another photo shoot!